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05 сентября 2015

About the work performed in the framework of the National program «Year of attention and care about older generation” following the results of 8 months of 2015

In the framework of the measures, indicated in the section III of the State program “Raising the level and improving quality of medical and social services for veterans and elderly people, organizing systematic improvement of their health status, expansion of the preventive interventions, coverage and accessibility to modern methodologies of treatment of diseases of vision, hearing and locomotor system and cardiovascular diseases, increasing the level of supply of disabled and elderly people with auxiliary and technical means for rehabilitation, including those on easy terms, further strengthening material and technical basis of sanatorium-health-improvement facilities and care-giving institutions, specialized on caring of elderly people” the Ministry of Health performed within the reporting period the broad range of measures.

Particularly, in order to implement the complex prophylactic measures on early detection of chronic diseases, including the hidden, not previously detected ones, there are conducted in-depth medical examinations of elderly people by teams, consisting of from 7 to 9 narrow specialists from central district polyclinics (neurologist, otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist etc.) jointly with general practitioners from rural medical stations and family polyclinics.

Within the reporting period of the current year there are 7 times conducted wide-scale social actions, aimed to improvement of specialized medical care, first of all to people of advanced age, pensioners and invalids. The actions have been conducted with participation of about 300 leading specialists from among professors, doctors and candidates of medical sciences of specialized centers and medical institutes. In total 205048 people there have been covered with in-depth medical examination. Following the results of the actions there are treated 150935 people in out-patient conditions, 16709 people – at district and regional hospitals and 2284 people – at republican specialized medical facilities.

As of the 1st of January 2015 there is conducted monitoring of 73399 war veterans (3251 out of them are war invalids). As the result of the medical check-ups there are treated 35515 (48.4 per cent) out-patiently, 66230 people (8.5 per cent) – at hospitals, 31650 people (48.4 per cent) – by home based care, 21194 people (28.4 per cent) – are recommended to go through sanatorium-resort treatment.

In 8 months of the current year 70563 war and labor veterans have been fully covered with medical examination. As the outcome of the medical examinations there are treated 35367 people (50.1 per cent) in outpatient conditions, 6340 people (9.0 per cent) in inpatient conditions and 22512 people (31.9 per cent) through home-based care, 6344 (9.0 per cent) elderly people are recommended to go through treatment at sanatorium-resort conditions.

There is provided hi-technology specialized medical care to 4710 elderly people in the regions with participation of leading specialists of republican specialized centers, research institutes and clinics of medical institutes with conducting of 81 master-classes. There is provided medical care to 12217 elderly people at regional multi-profile medical centers with conducting about 270 demonstrational complex surgical interventions with implementation of more than 35 new diagnostic and treatment methodologies into the practice of regional medical facilities.

In order to improve accessibility of hi-technology methods of diagnostics and treatment for advanced age people there are conducted reconstructive-restoring surgeries to 130 patients with diseases of large joints and modern methods of conservative treatment to 650 patients with diseases of spine, stenting of coronary vessels to 540 patients and aortocoronary bypass to 83 patients with diseases of cardiovascular system, organ preserving surgeries to 735 patients with age-related cataract and 386 patients with glaucoma, 537 patients undergone minimally invasive urological operations at kidney stone disease, prostatic adenoma and cancer, 125 patients – hi-technology surgeries at vascular complications of diabetes, 210 patients – minimally invasive endoscopic surgeries at sinusitis, endoscopic and otomicroscopic examinations to 135 patients with the purpose of early diagnostics of ENT diseases.

With the purpose of providing special medicine chests (painkillers, spasmolytics, antihypertensive and other drugs) to participants of the war of 1941-1945, as well as single pensioners, there are distributed 8000 medicine chests at all regions of the republic.

In order to improve provision of privileged free of charge drugs for certain population groups there are additionally included 8 titles of drugs to the List of pharmaceuticals for preferential provision at outpatient treatment through the Decrees of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance, as of April 28, 2015, №№ 26 and 34.

With the purpose of prevention of communicable diseases amongst elderly people who need social support there are received through humanitarian line and delivered to territorial SES Centers 15 thousands doses of influenza vaccine 107.8 thousand US dollars worth and 677.0 thousands doses of vaccine against hepatitis B for the value of 3.5 million US dollars. From 23rd of March to 1st of April there is conducted the 1st tour of vaccination and there are covered 200 thousand elderly people. From 23 April to 23 of June there will be conducted the 2nd tour of vaccination against Hepatitis B with 100 per cent coverage.

In order to implement the complex activities on development of concrete recommendations on nutrition, improving health and healthy life styles in various age groups (60-70 years, 70-80 years, 80-90 years, 90-100 years and older than 100 years) there are developed and copied 73 thousand booklets and 11739 flyers on such topics as «Happy old ages for everybody!», «Physical activity – healthy ages», «Ways to happy old ages», «Eutrophy and healthy nutrition in elderly», «How to keep health in old ages», «The role of elderly in upbringing youth».

In the framework of continuation of realization of the program on improvement of nutrition and prevention of micronutrient deficiency by supplying population, including elderly with fortified flour and iodized salt, on the basis of contract with Muhlenchemie GmbH & Co. KG. company (Germany) there is procured 140 tones of vitamin-mineral mixture. Within the reporting period the factories of “UzDonMaxsulot” and private milling companies of the republic produced and delivered to population more than 1 million tones of first quality enriched with micronutrients wheat flour.

With the purpose of iodization of dietary salt within the reporting period there is made contract for delivery of 2500 kg of potassium iodate for the amount of 62.3 thousand USD with Indian company «G.Amphray». On 15th of April 2015 the contract is registered at the Ministry of Foreign Economic Affairs and Trade and now there is expected conversion of monies.

In order to improve medical care to elderly people there is issued the order of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan №135 as of April 1, 2015 «About organizing palliative medical care to population of Uzbekistan», created special units of palliative treatment on the basis of the I и III clinics of Tashkent Medical Academy. The same units will be organized at the city medical unifications of regional centers and Nukus city.

In general in the framework of realization of the State program in 2015 out of the planned amount of 29.7 million US dollars there are invested 5.5 million USD or 18.5 per cent to the annual plan, also out of 139.6 billion soums there are spent 66.1 billion soums, or 47.3 per cent of the annual plan.